Ready To Invent Something New

Welcome to Inventle, Let's get acquainted.

We are a small team with Big ambitions.

Inventle has been founded in 2022 with the mission to Invent a solution to one of blockchains biggest problems. Loss of crypto. Did we peak your curiousity? Read on...

The Recovery Problem

Distributed Storage

To tackle the loss of crypto we found the solution with distributed storage, partnering with one of the biggest providers out there, Storj.

The Inheritance Problem

Web 2.5

Inheritance requires a personal touch and simplicity. Something Web3 isn't ready for (yet). We opted for a hybrid solution. Web 2.5.

The Security Problem

Layered Encryption

Trust is hard-earned, that's why we opted for a no-trust solution. Just encrypt your data yourself first. Then we will do it 3 more times.

Our pride

Everything came together with our solution Inherible. The Future-Proof Inheritable crypto wallet. A place where you can store your digital assets without any risk of losing them.

Inherible Basic


With the Basic plan you can rest assured your crypto is stored safely, and you will always be able to access it.

  • Store 1 encrypted crypto wallet on our distributed network

  • Access your data from any device

  • One friendly reminder every year your data is safely stored with us.

Inherible Standard


With the Standard plan you can rest assured your loved ones will gain access once you are no longer around.

  • Everything from Basic

  • Store unlimited digital assets and wallets

  • Configurable life check channels

  • Configure a beneficiary per digital asset

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